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Farewell ice, hello the tropics!

After 7 years in the North, after a last adventure in Antarctica, 2014 was the year of our "farewell to ice" (tentative ?!)

From February 2014 to summer 2015, Chamade crossed the Pacific to reach Japan.

And next winter, Chamade should sunbathe in the Philippines

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Seven years of sailing in the North

2013: On Haida Gwaii in San Francisco:

In the footsteps of Spirit Bear

2012: Alaska: "The man who saw the bear"

Chamade features a sculptor in search of grizzly

2011: The Northwest Passage

Chamade: 147th boat to cross the Northwest Passage

"When the North Pole loses the" Order book

2010: The iceland

Hot-cold aboard Chamade

"Chamade encourages organ donation"

3 years of navigation in favor of organ donation. Shipments involving transplant of the heart, kidney, liver and lungs

2009: Russia: "Chamade in prohibited waters"

With transplant, from Murmansk to St Petersburg, in the heart of the Gulag Archipelago

2008: Spitsbergen:

"Graft the edge of the ice"

80 ° N, in total autonomy

2007: Scotland: "The gift, that's life"

Transplanted into a new world

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And yet on the site:

- "Chiloé around the world": a world tour in 28 UFO 1982-1987

- Cape Horn (2003)

(2006 en Laponie suédoise) - The ski expeditions to the North: - Trans Spitsbergen Solo (2004), Sarek (2006 Swedish Lapland)

- The discovery of the Aral Sea (2010)

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